Courses to humanize doctors

The college of physicians and surgeons is now giving doctors ethics courses aimed at treating patients in a more kindly manner. The courses are a result of increasing complaints by patients to the Caja Costarricense de Seguridad (Caja). Doctors, however, complain there are far too many patients and not enough doctors, which necessitates spending minimal time with patients.

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One Response to Courses to humanize doctors

  1. Nadine Wayne says:

    From a patient's perspective that utilizes the CAJA system in Guanacaste on a regular basis, the problems for the physicians are exacerbated by the lackadaisical, inefficient "secretaries" and the archaic system of using carbon paper to write prescriptions in triplicate then sent to a dot matrix printer for titling after which they are stamped and dated. They are absolutely right about one thing, if you can't turn off your precious iPhone long enough to take care of a patient, you are going to get backed up. I appreciate that pregnant woman, the seriously ill and woman with small children are given priority over those with an appointment in this country but giving out 25 appointments a day with the "jokers" mixed into the deck on top of that is ridiculous at an EBAIS and chaotic beyond belief at a public hospital. How about upgrading the systems before you try to fix what isn't broken? Assign one doctor for the priority patients and another for routine care. The extra pay would be minimal. Give them computers to write prescriptions on. Doctors need time with their patients as people not a collection of symptoms. With 180,000 preventable deaths in the U.S. due to mistakes this is a cautionary tale for those that think shorter visits or fewer appointments are the answer.

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