Police charged with planting evidence go free

Three police officers arrested last week on suspicion of “planting” drug evidence on innocent people, were released following an order from the Criminal Court in Goicoechea. The trio is charged with abuse of authority and will remain free pending trial, provided they do not approach any witnesses in the case.

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5 Responses to Police charged with planting evidence go free

  1. Tio Fao says:

    No surprise. And if they were intoxicated and drove away after planting the evidence all they would have to do, as the privileged class, is make a donation to their favorite charity

    • shaking my head says:

      The criminal judge has apparently already decided that these cops are innocent, taking their version and deciding that they are such upstanding individuals not only that they can be taken on their word that they will not harass the witnesses, but also that they should return to duty where they can resume their usual activities.

  2. I used to think that someday the CR criminal justice system would become part of the 21st century and actually hand out some justice.

    I no longer think that. It is a giant joke. Just another chapter in the book about CR that I call "THE BIG LIE", the truth about Costa Rican environmentalism, socialized medicine and society.

  3. shaking my head says:

    Public employees, especially those involved in law enforcement, should be held to a higher standard. In other countries, they would be relieved of duty pending investigation. Here, they are presumed (unlike the rest of us) to be innocent. To add insult to injury, it generally takes over a year to go to trial, and most are found "innocent."

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