In 2013 no sales of 10 cigarette boxes

Among other restrictions, proposed health regulations will eliminate the sale of packages of less than 20 cigarettes. The final rules are expected for the signature of the president on June 26th.

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14 Responses to In 2013 no sales of 10 cigarette boxes

  1. Scott says:

    Does the new rule restrict sale of packages of less than 10 or 20? Big difference!

    • Mary Jay says:

      Scott, this is a "mas o menos" mentality — you asking for precision? How long you been here?

      • Scott says:

        Hey, I overlook all the grammatical errors, but most Ticos I know buy the 10- or 14-packs, so it's a bit more than a typical "mas o menos" detail.

    • Daniel Woodall says:

      The law will restrict the sale of boxes with less than 20 cigarettes. The headline is written that way in Diario Extra because the 10 pack is especially popular in Costa Rica.

  2. rimantas says:

    i guess it is time to start thinking about relocating.. this is starting to remind me of obamas economic plan..cigs,banks and S.A.s i am thinking belize ? any other suggestions ?

  3. rimantas says:

    suggestions anyone?

    • Scott says:

      Learn to live with it, or move to a lawless territory not yet within the reach of the USA. Through its "free trade treaties", the US and European Union have extended their reach to virtually every nation, demanding access to financial information of individuals in other countries and demanding certain "fundamental human rights." Those things once considered uniquely "American" are now demanded of all countries (while the same rights are denied US residents under the "Patriot Act")." You can expect that the right to free clean air to be added to the list behind clean water.

      The problem is that smokers expect the right to smoke while others demand the right to clean air, and the two cannot coexist in the same space. Add to that the facts that tobacco smoke no only is annoying to non-smokers, it has been proven to contribute to a large number of illnesses, even to those exposed only to second-hand smoke. Do you have the right to smoke if it pollutes "my" air and jeopardizes my health? Further, as a matter of policy, do you have the right to incur health-care expenses for a tobacco-related illness at the government expense? While a few smokers have the private means to pay for medical care and many others have health insurance to cover the expenses (pity the non-smoking premium payers), the government spends much money for treatment of tobacco-related illnesses under medicare and medicaid and for indigent care. For this reason, it is a very important matter of public policy.

      If you want to escape the reach of this "one world" movement, your best bet would be to repatriate to one of the enemies of the US: North Korea, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela or Nicaragua come to mind. You might want to stay away from the countries likely to be attacked by the US, though; so I'd stay away from Iran and North Korea. You should probably steer clear of Cuba, too; as it will probably become "democratic" in a few years. If you need to use credit, debit, or ATM cards; or if you do not speak Spanish well, you should stay away from Venezuela. How does Nicaragua sound?

  4. rimantas says:

    been around the world twice ..dont need history lesson..lived in isla de omotepe for six monthss and loved it…i just found out now that in order to use my BCR debit cars oversees i have to contact bak and inform them where i am going and for how long AND how much i intend to does anybody have any suggestions?

    • Mary Jay says:

      rimantas, I understand the feelings of invasion of privacy (even though everything you do is above-board and legitimate), the needless bureaucracy that infringes on your time and complicates life needlessly. All I can say is no one knows but you what you are looking for and where you will find the "ideal" place — but you have to keep looking and weighing the pros against the cons in your own mind. One thing I do know: if you leave a place because it somehow does not satisfy you or your desired lifestyle, look elsewhere but never go back because the reasons you left in the first place are probably still there and time has only erased your memories of your dissatisfaction. Good luck in your quest for a place where you can be happy.

      • rimantas says:

        mary jay ! very philosophically logical…however , not practical in real life…i.e.have you ever been in foreign land and try to use your debit card ? only to find out your card is blocked because you went to a neighboring country and not the specific country you intended to go ? thats called being stranded ! and us embassy not too much help

  5. rimantas says:

    dear mary jay, let me put it this way ! if a person wants to live in the shade under a tree in the forest as a mushroom that is ok ,that is your choice , and i did that for many years,but my observation now is …freedom of movement and freedom of choice is now being jeopardized here in CR..theese are all subtle infringements of big things to come..maybe,VANATUA…but how do get more tan $10,000 trfrd without any complications…i bet i can smoke anywhere i want cheap in vanatua…

  6. Jen says:

    Its sad for the farmers since they are losing so much money, however, the state of the countries' health is at stake and we have to make a change.

  7. source says:

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  8. rimantas says:

    stop complaining about smokers &2nd hand smoke and protest the smoke that is emitted from those city buses,i smoke to calm my nerves and i pay a heavy tax for smoke that i exhale in the space i occupy ,if my smoke offends you your option is to move upwind ,my tax pays for roads ,pensions and various other things while you are enjoying the benefits that are paid by my taxes. i propose non-smokers pay a tax for breathing clean air.

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