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Intel will invest $ 80 million this year in technology and infrastructure

Since its arrival in Costa Rica in 1997, Intel has invested $800 million in its fabrication plant, located in Belén, Heredia. Mike Forrest, general manager of Intel Costa Rica has announced that the company will spend $80 million this year to upgrade its facility. The full story, including a video in English is published in La Nacion.

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Panamian National Police recovers 17 guns stolen from transit police

Panama’s National Police reported on Friday the recovery of 17 Glock pistols that are believed part of the 215 that were stolen from a Transit police armory in San Jose on Janurary 30th. Officers in Panama made three arrests and also seized $120,000 in cash. which is displayed in a photo along side the weapons in the full article in La Nacion.

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Ortega orders census of border region with Costa Rica

The government of Nicaragua has announced that it will make a census of the northern border region with a view toward examining the legitimacy of property titles. Jose Luis Garcia, minister of environment for the Ortega government voiced his suspicions that Costa Ricans have used Nicaraguans to claim land in order to have exclusive water rights for irrigation on the Costa Rican side of there border.

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Store owner assassinated for not selling to narcos

A 58 year old women from Limon was executed by assassins as her husband was forced to watch after the couple refused to sell their small corner store or “pulperia” to narcotraffickers. The victim suffered six bullet rounds to the chest at close range and died at the Hospital Tony Facio. Police searched the area after the shooting, but failed to make any arrests. It is believed the corner store would have provided an excellent front for narcotics sales in the area.

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String of armed robberies nets ¢70 million

The latest in a rash of appliance store robberies is a Moravia branch of a Casa Blanca where armed men pretending to be customers made off with ¢10 million ($19,841) in merchandise. Tactics are similar to two recent robberies in San Isidro de El General, and total losses come to ¢70 million ($138,889).

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ICE opens more spaces for private power projects

The Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE) is looking for partnerships with private companies in the production of electricity. Officials hope to attract investment in wind farms and biomass, and despite complaints of red tape in the past are clearing the way with a new 200 MW bid expected this quarter.

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