American found dead in Playa Samara

An American identified by authorities as Frederick Bruce Corbit, age 60 was found dead on Monday at a beachfront cabin located in Samara, Nicoya. Reports are that the man lived alone at the cabin for several months and an autopsy will be performed in order to determine the the cause of death. Police who arrived on the scene said that a head injury was apparent.

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4 Responses to American found dead in Playa Samara

  1. Mary Jay says:

    Probably classified as a suicide.

    • sarah says:

      I met Bruce, and had several conversations with him last month. It was not suicide. I am certain it was an accident. With his new medication mixed with some glasses of wine, I am certain he fell down and hit his head. He was a very nice man.

  2. Guapo says:

    Cause of Death: Natural
    Case Closed

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